corporate positions


Marketing Coordinator
While at LCM Architects, a national leader in accessibility design and compliance, I facilitated the re-categorization of all their projects to date in order to better serve their marketing efforts and enable a more readily discernable understanding of project range. This task required both the rethinking of all projects past and future but also the re-organization of all promotional materials and creation of new promotional materials.

After this initial effort, I set out on creating a new standardized aesthetic for all promotional sheets. Where necessary project descriptions were rewritten and new images selected. Project descriptions were tailored to the new project categories and linked to firm overview sheets. During this effort I also created several proposal books.


Promotional Liaison
My tenure at Aleks Istanbullu Architects was primarily concerned with archiving, cataloging and the production of new promotional material. As part of a broad effort to take stock of all promotional resources and efforts, I utilized a FileMaker database to catalog all projects to date, media coverage and project materials. For reasons of promotional necessity, the effort began by compiling all past project lists into the single database and cataloging all within the established category types. Any known information on clients, contractors, etcetera was entered. This effort was partnered with a cross referenced database of all media coverage and specific projects covered. A final and critical component was re-cataloging the 20-year-old project archive consisting of project drawings, sketches and related materials. All items were assessed for promotional value.

Simultaneously to the latter part of the previous efforts, I worked with the firm’s consultant graphic designer to create a new project sheet template and set out on rewriting and/or editing all project descriptions to date. In total thirty-six project sheets were created with new text and more consistent imagery throughout the collection.

JONES & STOKES - Environmental Consultants (Los Angeles, CA)

I assisted in the completion of historic assessment reports, regulatory compliance documentation and nomination applications for both the California Register of Historic Resources and the National Register of Historic Places. In that role I conducted research into City of Los Angeles building permit history, County of Los Angeles tax assessment records and architectural and development history.

Projects I worked on included Section 106 and SEQA compliance for a proposed new development within the West Los Angeles Veterans Home campus, Section 106 compliance and additional State–requested documentation for the Area of Potential Affect along U.S. 36 between Denver and Bolder, and the historic assessment of two residential properties in Hollywood.


Tour Coordinator
I oversaw the scheduling of 400 docents and 70 architecture tours. I also assisted in tour development and acted as staff liaison to several volunteer committees. Budget planning and grant report writing.