Building A Neighborhood (2011) – Contributing Author

Building A Neighborhood is a 250-page third grade curriculum satisfying California requirements for Social Studies, Language Arts and Visual Arts by teaching Santa Monica students about architecture, maps, cities, and local government through their own community and Santa Monica’s Third Street Historic District.

The Ancestry and Family of Carolyn Jane Everett (2011) – Author

Equal parts genealogy, family history and photo album, this 165-page book was researched and written for the subject’s roughly one hundred descendants and lateral relatives. The format marries the goals of the large client family by telling the stories of those notable family members while recording the fundamentals of the less notable. A previously unknown history was discovered to consist of deep Pennsylvania roots as far back as the Revolutionary War. Among the themes investigated were several house histories and numerous individual life stories requiring research into, among other resources, state, U.S. and foreign census records, building permits, city directories, countless newspaper archives, and various university alumni offices.