architectural history & historic preservation

  1. Property Histories: All property history Narrative Reports consist of a thorough investigation into the building's original architect(s) and architectural style. Further investigation and discussion is given on the early development of the community, original and subsequent property owners, building permit history, and assessor's records. Every history includes an appendix with any available original building permits, subsequent alteration permits, images, plans, and any relevant materials from books, periodicals, magazines, and trade journals. A detailed bibliography completes every history.

    For my realtor and developer clients, property histories can be ordered in two formats: One, the aforementioned Narrative Report or two, a one-page Tear Sheet (bullet pointed or narrative) briefly highlighting the property’s history. The Narrative Report can be provided to select prospective buyers while the Tear Sheet is perfect for broad distribution. Narrative Reports make perfect closing gifts. Everything from an economical spiral bound report to an art book-quality hard binding is available. Among my clients are Sotheby’s International Realty, The Agency, Keller Williams Realty, Bryant Reichling Associates, and ArtCraft Homes.

  2.   Selling with Property History 

      Windsor Square

      2338 Hollyridge - Louis Zamperini Residence  

      Santa Monica Historical Resource Assessment

  3. Historic Resource Assessments: These reports document a property’s history and assess possible historical significance under applicable regulations. Much like the research included in my property histories, these reports entail a detailed history of the architect(s), ownership, occupants, and alterations. Additionally the present physical condition and historic integrity is described. An historic context statement places the subject property in applicable historic settings. Every report concludes with an assessment of the property’s historic significance under local ordinance, as well as the California and National Registers.
  4. Property Nominations (National Register, California Register, local registers): I assist property owners by researching and evaluating their property to determine if it will meet the criteria for one or more of the possible registers. This is followed by the preparation of the necessary nomination application forms and supporting materials such as permits, photographs, maps, and bibliography.
  5. Preservation Design Consultation: Assisting a client with identification of original and non-original details within their property, determining overall historic integrity and identifying character defining feature.
    Additional historical investigations include:
  1. Family Histories and Genealogy
  2. Oral History Interviews
  3. Image Digitization and Restoration


Archiving in its most basic form is simply the organization of information for easy access. I believe that my archiving projects are not simply an inventory or cataloging effort but a mission to help preserve the history of a family, an organization or a corporation. In applying my attention to detail with an eye for the broader picture of easy access, I achieve for my clients an archive of their records that serve both to preserve their histories and reinvigorate their own passions and utility for the information.

  1. Inventories
  2. Catalogues
  3. Image Digitization and Restoration